Bumayah (Igorot dance) | UCFSA Cultural Nite 26

  • 2023.08.18
  • YYC
Bumayah (Igorot dance) | UCFSA Cultural Nite 26

Bumayah (Igorot dance) | UCFSA Cultural Nite 26

University of Calgary Filipino Students’ Association
Cultural Nite 26: A Promise Through Time

“Cultural Nite” is an annual theatre production combining the art of drama, dance, and musical performance.

2023’s production, “A Promise Through Time”, focuses on a tight-knit group of friends who met in University — Aristotle, Princess, Gloria and Carmen.
Due to obligations and responsibilities to improve their lives, they had to separate and move to different parts of the world. When they are delivered news that Carmen has passed away, they return to the Philippines and are reunited after many years. During their reunion, they are whisked away into the past and must figure out why they were sent back. Can they set aside past differences and work together?

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